Rabu, 13 Januari 2016

TV-free Day

Do you know what they call cheese burger in France? Nowadays, almost all families have TV in their house. Even stall you see everyday in the streets have Tv. Is watching TV good? Some might say. But before stating whether TV-free day each week is good or not lets have some things you should consider.
Money runs the world. Almost everything on TV exist because of money. There are advertisement on free TV channel because the station needs money. There are no advertisement on paid TV channel because they already got what they want. Imagine what could really happen if there is ‘TV-free day’ each week.
Maybe some people say it’s good because they think TV affect people’s thought badly. By decreasing the number of watching hours, is it effective enough?
If there really is ‘TV-free day’, what day of the week do you think would be best? Monday to Friday? People need rest after going home from work and school. Weekend? C’mon people watch football. It’s because of money you could see the world today. Otherwise, TV is just a type of gadget. With computers and smartphones, you could almost get everything other types of gadget provide. With clock, calendar, compass, health companion, alarm with an addition of internet access where you could stream television, what else you couldn’t get?
It’s not impossible that one day TV will no longer be needed. Probably it’s just until the next generation of human.
After all, I don’t think think of having a ‘TV-free day’ each week is a good idea, even it doesn’t reach the level of descent. If there really is, maybe it’s just some people who would agree with their ‘not so smart’ barin. Telling your kid to stop staring at TV all the time is probably good, but having a ‘TV-free day’? Fuck of

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