Minggu, 07 September 2014

About Me

Hello everyone! First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Gading Muhammad Damarjati, but you could call me Gading. My hobby is playing, but not only playing games, but also playing with friends, and everything! I was born in Cilacap, January 1st 2000. Well, I think I was born at a great day, because as you know, it's the first day in the new millenium. I have a father, a mother, a sister and a brother. Currently, I live in 'Komplek Tamansari Bukit Bandung', 9th block number 3.

When I was a baby, my family live in a small house in Antapani. Not long, in 2004, my father got an opportunity to go for a scholarship in the USA. Along with the rest of our family, we went to America. I spent my time as a kindergarten there for 2 years. My family live in 11360 Garden View Land apt #3, St Louis, Missouri. I learned speaking english by my own at a very young age. During the middle of 2006, my family flew home. Since then, my family live in 'Komplek Tamansari Bukit Bandung, where I live now. At the age of six, I went to Mutiara Bunda Elementary School. I spent 6 years there, and of course, I got so many experience. But there were some things that igot in Mutiara Bunda but I don't get it in other school. In Mutiara Bunda, because it's an inclusive school, not all the students are lucky like us. Therefore, I learned that we have to respect and help each other. I graduated from elementary school in 2012, which then i continue my study as a junior highscool student at Taruna Bakti. I join the acceleration class which creates a method for their student to finish junior high for just 2 years instead of 3. After 2 years of hardwork in junior high, I chose to go to 'SMAN 3 Bandung'. Since the first day in SMAN 3, I realized that there's still so many things that I don't know and I should change my personality. I was placed in 'X IPA 9' class for about a month and a half. But sadly, I had to leave my beloved class because, again, I join acceleration class.

Well, I think that's all I can tell you about. Goodbye!

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