Selasa, 16 September 2014

Unforgettable Memory

All of us must have unforgettable memory, including me.

This year, a few weeks after the 'National Exam', me, my brother, my father and my father's friend at work were going to Mount Rinjani. I was very excited at the time. Actually, when I was a fifth grader, I've came there before with all of my family member. But, my family couldn't reach the peak. Therefore, before I leave Bandung, I had swear to myself that I must reach the peak no matter what. Having to do a same thing  again sometimes could be hard. As I had already know the route and what kind of suffer I will face.

Me, my brother, and my father depart from Bandung to Jakarta along with everything we need. We stay at Jakarta for less than a day before we get to the plane and off to Lombok. After arriving in Lombok my family and my father's freinds immediately went to the nearest guest house in Rinjani Area. After a night for us to rest, the next morning we have to get up early and start walking. It took us 4 days and 3 nights to complete the journey. But what I want to tell you is my journey on the last day, when I have to reach the peak.

We start walking to the peak about 2.30 am. Of course I'm still sleepy, but just like what I had swear in the beginning, I told myself not to give up. About the last kilometers towards the peak, people call it 'Bukit Penangisan'. Just like it's name, many people give up even though they are very close to the peak. It was so tiring that even I would rest for about every 10 steps. When I sit down, sometimes I thought that it would be better for me to give up. But I know that if I gave up, I would regret in the future days. Step by step, finally I managed to reach the peak. I was so happy that I couldn't tell you how I feel.

Even until today, I still often wonder that our journey to Mount Rinjani was just a dream.

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